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2002 Season Champion at New England Dragway

Please visit http://www.tntdragracing.com

We have a new website, TNTDragracing.com is our new internet home.  It is though this site that we will keep you aprrised of team information, schedules, appearances, sponsorship and fan news.  2004 was a successful season for us at New England Dragway and it looks as though there will be some good suprises for the 2005 season.  Stay tuned.

Mickey Thompson Tires

We are pleased to announce Mickey Thompson Tires as an Associate Sponsor for the upcoming 2005 racing season. Mickey Thompson provides a full line of race and custom street tires, truck wheels, and racing accessories. We are very pleased to be working with the professionals at Mickey Thompson.

Into the 11's with a Street Car

April 21st the Downtime, Inc. Camaro broke into the 11 second bracket for the first time.

Best performances were as follows:

60 foot time 1.58
1/8 ET 7.49
1/8 MPH 90
1/4 ET 11.86
1/4 MPH 112

We made it to the third round of Street Eliminator where a faulty fuel pump prevented us from staging. The problem has already been corrected and we look forward to the next points meet on May 5th.

The best race of the day was in the second round where we strapped a holeshot on Rick White (2001 defending champion) and won by .0077, 12.126 to 12.092. We were able to pace Rick the entire way down the track.

The other highlight was the front wheels on the Camaro were leaving the ashpalt on the launch. Not many street legal cars can claim to lift the front end!

TNTDrag Racing

Champion Networks LLC. is a managed services company with headquarters in Brunswick, Maine. In the computer industry adherance to detail, documentation, hard work, and the ability to think beyond the box are critical to success.

In drag racing the same skills apply. TNTDrag Racing continually explores new technologies to achieve high levels of success.

Drag racing, particularly bracket racing, is rocket science. To be able to predict the performance of a high speed vehicle in changing weather, track, and mechanical conditions, to within less than .02 seconds on any given pass down the quarter mile, while achieving a human reaction time better than an opponent is extremely difficult. The ability to do this consistently over many races throughout a season is what separates the champions from the participants.

TNTDrag Racing has maintained an extremly high won/loss ration and is now entering into a sixth year of competition.

We hope you enjoy this web site and please visit TNTDrag Racing at the track during the 2003 season.

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One appealing thing about drag racing is the people. As the actual races are individually of short duration there is ample time for racers, crewpersons, spectators and fans to interact.

I have been fortunate to meet more than a few special people over the course of my life. Of those folks, Peter Labonte stands out. Peter left this world in 2002 but his friendship lives on in many ways. Peter's enthusiasm for life shows through his wonderful family, his friends, and his track legacy.

I owe much of my success as a racer to Peter Labonte who freely took me under his wing, taught me many things, helped me with the car, and demonstrated through example, professionalism, courage, ethics, and friendship.

The track environment is full of people like Peter who enjoy competetion and will give you the shirt off their back, unless you are in the other lane. Between rounds, competitors will help eachother prepare. Drag Racing provides by example and exemplifies good sportsmanship and is a model activity for introducing our young folks to an activity they can enjoy their entire life.