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From the other side of life...

How did I ever catch her?
With my wife at my Brother's wedding. How did I ever catch such a great lady!
Survival of the Species
Myself, Ben, Grampa Joe, and Jakob (he is the little future drag racer in front). We were going to stuff him in the turkey but after we ate the stuffing we were too tired.
My Beautiful Wife in Europe
My wife allows me to drag race so she can take european vacations with her sister. This photograph is from one of her more recent expeditions.
Grandmother Hopestill and Jakob
Thank goodness my Brother had the good sense to keep the Hunter name going. I always said he had to have children first. I'm still practicing (racing takes up a lot of time).
Myself, Tina, and Jakob
Here I am in Ben's apartment with Jakob and Tina, Ben's gorgeous wife. We are two lucky brothers to get such great wives. Of course, Jakob has it even better.
At Disney World, 1996
Here we are, courtesy of CMP Media, after winning the IT Platinum Award for Solution of the Year in 1996.
My beautiful Wife
A person can never have too many pictures of their wife. This one was at Trisha's 10th college reunion.